What We Do

Sackner Wellness Products markets a unique wellness product to combat physical inactivity among ambulatory, hospitalized, post-hospital discharged, nursing home, assisted living and homebound individuals through its flagship device, the Gentle Jogger ™. This is important because of the enormity of the problem that cries out for a solution. Worldwide, it has been estimated that physical inactivity is responsible for 6% of heart disease in the population, 7% of type 2 diabetes, 10% of breast cancer, and 10% of colon cancer. Indeed, inactivity is responsible for 9% of premature mortality.

Founders and Team

Sackner Wellness Products, LLC was founded in 2013 in Miami, Florida by Marvin A Sackner, M.D., Honorary M.D. (University of Zurich) and Antonio Jose Adams, M.D. chief of neonatology ……. For many years, the founders have studied large animal models documenting that periodic acceleration produced by a motorized platform that repetitively moves the body in a head to foot direction increases nitric oxide releasing into the circulation which in turn increases pulmonary vasodilation as well as increase organ blood flows.